Welcome to District Moto

At District Moto, we believe that getting between points in your day can be made better when two of life's greatest joys come together.

Joy 1: Two-wheeled locomotion
Joy 2: A well-executed, no-hassle coffee

Either way, we get you moving.

Although we're new to Downtown Edmonton, we aren't new to the city. District Moto is part of the Alberta Cycle family and is connected to its 97-year history here in our city.

We are the home of Vespa, Piaggio, Wi-bike and, of course, getting a great cup of coffee. So stop by and see what we are all about!


Vespa & Piaggio

We offer both iconic Italian brands - Vespa & Piaggio. We're Northern Alberta's exclusive Vespa dealer.

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We also carry a number of pedal assist E-bikes including some of the first Piaggio Wi-Bikes in Canada.

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Our unique cafè offers hassle-free hot beverages as well as grab-and-go meal options from Edmonton's Italian Centre.

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